Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy bee

I have been waaaay too busy the last few weeks and im so so sorry for my lack of updates. but i think i got the flu right now so plenty of time to make up for my lack of updates.

first of all i wanted to mention that me and my friend marije are going to Paris july 13th. We are going to stay there for 5 nights and im so so so excited i cant even wait. its been six years since i last visited. my friend has been an au-pair in paris a year ago so she can show me where to go!

last week i went to see the movie the hangover.. men.. i pretty much peed myself. i have not laughed so loud at a movie. my kind of humor, go see it!

and last but not least some inspiring pictures from some of my most favourite famous gals!

PS: Im planning another week away just sun and laying out to tan and go for a swim. anyone got some ideas? i was thinkin portugal or maybe greece? need some help!


  1. Love the pictures!

  2. Ik heb de layout gewoon met blogspot zo gemaakt. Geen speciaal programma nodig. Alleen die tekst bovenaan heb ik met psp9 gemaakt, maar kan ook makkelijk met paint ;)

    Ik heb dat soort geborstelde lere jack gekocht. Weet niet of je dat wat zegt? Hij was wel 199 euro, maar het geld dubbel en dwars waard. Heb namelijk al een ander leer jack van de zara, en het jasje wordt alleen maar mooier.


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