Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy bee

I have been waaaay too busy the last few weeks and im so so sorry for my lack of updates. but i think i got the flu right now so plenty of time to make up for my lack of updates.

first of all i wanted to mention that me and my friend marije are going to Paris july 13th. We are going to stay there for 5 nights and im so so so excited i cant even wait. its been six years since i last visited. my friend has been an au-pair in paris a year ago so she can show me where to go!

last week i went to see the movie the hangover.. men.. i pretty much peed myself. i have not laughed so loud at a movie. my kind of humor, go see it!

and last but not least some inspiring pictures from some of my most favourite famous gals!

PS: Im planning another week away just sun and laying out to tan and go for a swim. anyone got some ideas? i was thinkin portugal or maybe greece? need some help!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Money problems

I have received my new couch, its from ikea and its super comfortable.
tonight one of my friends will come over to chat, watch movies, drink tea and enjoy some sweets.
My aunt also bought me a lamp i looove!

So since i moved out im kinda short on cash, which sucks!!!
Especially since ive been looking at the site everyday!
Here's some of my fave things.
lucky for me i will be going to the USA this october so i will be able to visit a F21 store!

Mennnn I wish i was rich... i would purchase all of this and even more!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clothing of the day

so since i dont own a mirror yet there will be no complete outfit pictures but just little pieces

today im gonna go couchshopping w/ my aunt. she shouldve been here already but she's not so i figured id do a post right now!

Sunglasses: Ray ban
Silk tunic: Zara
Jeans: H&M Sqin
Shoes: Birkenstock

I absolutely love this silk floral tunic, its from a few season ago and i also regretted not buying.
But then I found it on ebay, completely new, with tags and all, for a way cheaper price.
It gives such a summery feeling and the fabric is thin and really comfortable to wear!

Well im off to shop for a couch, what are yall gonna be doing today?

Monday, June 1, 2009

my new place to live at

So i promised some photos of my crib.
first some explanation. it a family home, on the corner, so it has extra windows.
it has three bedrooms and its a two story house.

second of all, my house is a freakin mess. i suck at cleaning and at keeping clean lol!

First of all my fave piece. my grandpa once made this cabinet. i have had it in my posession for a long time but didnt really use it. Now its right in the middle of my livingroom with my teacups and some pretty crystal vases in it. it has such a high value especially since my grandpa passed away

this is the chair my momma gave me. and its pretty much the only comfy thing i own right now. I will be going couchshopping with my aunt tomorrow

This is a small stool with some sheepfur on it, really warm and comfy in the winter!

My tv is standing on an old antique kinda table thingy. My mom bought it but i was damaged severely. We fixed it up bigtime and gave it a blue/turqoise kinda color.

And last but not least my dining table!

Its just the beginning and it still feels kinda empty and not very home-like! but i hope that will come in time!

Another great thing. I have booked my summer vacation to Paris. I will be going to Paris with the Thalys on july 13th and will be there til the 18th. Now im just looking for a hotel to stay at.

This weekend I went to IJHallen, which is like a giant outdoors (in the summer) fleamarket. My mom and I spent like 3 hours there and bought some amazing stuff.
I found a levi's jeans for just 5 euros, two amazing lights to put above my diningroom table for 9 euros and some gorgeous vest/jackety thing for just 1 euro!
I lovee fleamarket! Here's a photo to show what it looks like.

PS: Sorry for the crappy quality but ive taken these with my blackberry phone instead of a digital camera!