Monday, June 1, 2009

my new place to live at

So i promised some photos of my crib.
first some explanation. it a family home, on the corner, so it has extra windows.
it has three bedrooms and its a two story house.

second of all, my house is a freakin mess. i suck at cleaning and at keeping clean lol!

First of all my fave piece. my grandpa once made this cabinet. i have had it in my posession for a long time but didnt really use it. Now its right in the middle of my livingroom with my teacups and some pretty crystal vases in it. it has such a high value especially since my grandpa passed away

this is the chair my momma gave me. and its pretty much the only comfy thing i own right now. I will be going couchshopping with my aunt tomorrow

This is a small stool with some sheepfur on it, really warm and comfy in the winter!

My tv is standing on an old antique kinda table thingy. My mom bought it but i was damaged severely. We fixed it up bigtime and gave it a blue/turqoise kinda color.

And last but not least my dining table!

Its just the beginning and it still feels kinda empty and not very home-like! but i hope that will come in time!

Another great thing. I have booked my summer vacation to Paris. I will be going to Paris with the Thalys on july 13th and will be there til the 18th. Now im just looking for a hotel to stay at.

This weekend I went to IJHallen, which is like a giant outdoors (in the summer) fleamarket. My mom and I spent like 3 hours there and bought some amazing stuff.
I found a levi's jeans for just 5 euros, two amazing lights to put above my diningroom table for 9 euros and some gorgeous vest/jackety thing for just 1 euro!
I lovee fleamarket! Here's a photo to show what it looks like.

PS: Sorry for the crappy quality but ive taken these with my blackberry phone instead of a digital camera!

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  1. Nice place! Hele mooie kast trouwens en al helemaal als er nu zo'n grote waarden aan zit.
    Ziet er al gezellig uit en je tv is cool! xx


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