Sunday, May 31, 2009

Style update

Okay so here's like some more outfits from greay people i like!
ofcourse we've got whitney from the hills, some MK and Ashley and some LC.

I love how freakin human lauren conrad looks in her bathingsuit. no size zero TG!!

I was talking about showing some photos from the inside of my new crib but men it has been a mess. Plus i have been enjoying the sun wayyyy too much!
Pictures will appear sometime this week!

also can someone help me? the wayfarer glasses the olsen is wearing ( i never know whether its MK or A) ive been looking for them. I have bought wayfarers but the glasses are smaller... somehow. Can someone tell me where to find the exact same glasses as she is wearing?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Immmm backkk!!!

Yes yes ladies and gents, im back!
with my new internet..
i will try to clean up my new place and take some photos so yall can see how gorgeous it is.
the only thing i need now is a couch, but i will get one this tuesday.

no fashion update this time, though i have been listening to John Legend - This time like every minute.
I loveeee the song even though it makes me sad!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Olsen love

I just came across some photos of the olsens.. which i love.
since im still on my restricted internet date usage my post wont be much.

i also wanted to thank everyone for the nice comments.
i will post more outfits when im done moving.

i have packed all my stuff and from tomorrow on, i will be living on my own. im kinda freakin out and all nervous but i will do just fine

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clothing of the day

I woke up wayyyyy too early this weekend. My biological timer is messed up big time.
I went to the doctor to get my blood taken and now I have a day off, I'm going up to Utrecht to enjoy some shopping. Here's what I'm wearing

white tee: H&M. jeans: H&M. blouse/jacket: from some swedish store. sandals: birkenstock. sunglasses: rayban. bag: zara.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life sucks without internet

Okay so my dad somehow disconnected our network (dont you just love parents that are divorced and fight allllll the time)
now we have temporary internet with a maximum of data usage.. SUCKS!!

I always considered myself not dependent on the internet but mannnn was I wrong!

So with that said, no pictures in my post today because of my maximum.
However I did find a poem which caught my interest. It's Dutch so some of yall cant read it.

Bert Schierbeek - Ik denk...

ik denk
als het regent
laat ze niet nat worden

en als het stormt
vat ze geen kou

en ik denk ook
dat dat denken
niet helpt

want je wordt nooit meer
nat noch vat je een kou

want het regent
noch waait ooit
meer voor jou

I just love it, I dont know why.
Well lovely readers, I will def. be back, just dont know when!
leave me some sweetness!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

post secret

So i think a lot of people already know about
since i first got in touch with the website i have loved it...
i have three of the books. and i think its amazing how people share their secret

here are some of my most favorite and most touching secrets some are quite intense


okay so eventhough its still looks lame i figured i had to update something.

the olsen twins have been amazing to me like forever. not only do i think they are gorgeous and they have a perfect body. their style is like: wow..
we would probably all look good with their amount of money on the bank and a personal stylist who can help whenever we want.. but still..

here's some of my fave's

i love how they combine simple clothing items and make it look fab!!!
I would seriously die for the first jacket she is wearing.. if only i was rich girl

in desperate need of a change

okay so my blog has been kinda lame because i have been waaaaay to busy.
a 51hour working week is no fun, trust me!

but right now my life is back to normal. so i will do outfit posts and much more fun stuff.. i will also try to flourish things up a bit.

but to do so, does anyone know where i can download photoshop for free? even if its just a trial version?
well lovely readers, hope to hear something soon!