Sunday, May 31, 2009

Style update

Okay so here's like some more outfits from greay people i like!
ofcourse we've got whitney from the hills, some MK and Ashley and some LC.

I love how freakin human lauren conrad looks in her bathingsuit. no size zero TG!!

I was talking about showing some photos from the inside of my new crib but men it has been a mess. Plus i have been enjoying the sun wayyyy too much!
Pictures will appear sometime this week!

also can someone help me? the wayfarer glasses the olsen is wearing ( i never know whether its MK or A) ive been looking for them. I have bought wayfarers but the glasses are smaller... somehow. Can someone tell me where to find the exact same glasses as she is wearing?


  1. Die outfit van LC is heel mooi, die pumps (en nagellak!!)

  2. Lauren vind ik zo mooi. En ja de olsens zijn gewoon stijliconen (dit is Ashley overigens haha)
    Ben erg benieuwd naar hoe je huisje eruit ziet! x

  3. Very inspirational photos! Love the post!


  4. super je pro!
    Veel inspiratie (L)


  5. agh ja!:P ik nodig ook steeds me vriendin uit om een foto te maken haha:P , dus komt wel goed!:) leuk iig al die inspiratie nu van je site(L)


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