Friday, August 28, 2009


As of Monday Im starting my diet again. In february I started the first personal diet of Dr. Cohen. They take your blood and based on your blood you get your own personal diet.
At that time I weighed about 84 kilograms which is about 185 lbs. which is way too much for such a short girl like me. Ofcourse there were reason, I have never been the skinny kind of girl and I have always liked myself that way. After my parents got divorced last year I started eating like a crazy person!! Not normal anymore!!
So after a year I decided I needed to do something about that, I mean Im studying to be a nurse and to take care after people, and I was completely neglecting my own health. So February I started the diet, three months later I lost 16 kilograms which is about 36 lbs. Which is a lot.
Then the summer came along and I started enjoying all kind of things. I gained some weight again. But now Im starting back up again. I still need to loose 11kgs which is 24lbs. I know I can do it, especially when I look at old photos of myself being way too much overweight.

I never show outfit photos cause I still think I'm too fat, but here we go!
Its not really a good photo. Imagine that I'm not wearing birkenstocks cause I only wore these indoors!

I'm wearing a plum coloured v-neck from victorias secret, a grey tank top which comes from H&M, leggins and skirt are also from H&M. Not shown in the picture are my gold coloured earrings with plum coloured pendants from forever21
P.S: picture is taken in some kind of messy work room from my dad...

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So since I have to move again I have been spending time online looking at interior. there are sooooooo many nice photos online. I think the main colours of my new three room appartment will be white, some kind of taupe maybe a light grey. just keep it fresh and clean. But I also love bold colours so I might have to accesorize with bold colours!
Here's some of my faves!

The thing I love about this room is the bold colours, I wonder where they got all these amazing pillows?

My parents have always listened to Depeche Mode. Ive grown up with their music. Somehow their most famous song is my fave. I would love to have lyrics like these on my wall

This amazing little desk is simply gorgeous

I love flowers, I try to buy a bouquet of flowers every week. It just makes the room more alive

this kitchen, I mean whats not to love?

And one thing I love to have in my house, even though they are only for sale for a short period of time per year.
Peony flowers!


A woman who has always caught my eye with her fabulous style!
Miss Miller. Seriously a lot of her outfits are amazing!

btw: i would kill for this chanel bag.. its huge!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hanging out in the yard

i love my garden.. its not much but its something
i love hanging out there til late in the evening!

once again, sorry for the blurry photos.. im not real good w/ my camera!

Packages, who doesn't love them?

So this afternoon I was pissed, the guy from TNT postal services walked by with packages. All except mine. I figured I had to wait one more day for my topshop leather studded bag and my laptop!

Luckily my bag was brought later by some other service which also brought a vintage levi's skirt. Just 10 minutes later someone dropped off my laptop. I'm HAPPY!
The fixed the cooling system in my laptop so no more 100degrees laptop resting in my lap. And the bag is just pure love.

It's a bit smaller than I expected but it still fits lots and lots of stuff.

you can click on the pictures to see a bigger sized photo!

sorry the pictures are so crappy but I only have the camera on my blackberry since my boyfriend has taken over my good camera!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shopbop until you drop

There's one website which always gets my attention
Shopbop! They have so many nice brands. Unfortunately for me it's all way to expensive for me. My paycheck isnt a big one..
I still can spend a pretty good amount of time surfing their site!
Here's some of my fave's!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bijzonder mooi

Just yesterday I was browsing the web and somehow landed at
It has got interior design stuff.

here's some of the things I would like to own for my own house!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shoplog summer 2009

So i've been in Paris this summer and did some shopping for this winter.
You can tell I love nude colours and beige..

I love this gorgeous Day Birger et Mikkelsen top. It was expensive but worth all of it

My grandma bought me this knitted jacket from Warehouse, its so comfy!

While I was waiting at Schiphol airport to pick up my mom, I went into H&M and found this gorgeous coloured scarf! And it was only 10 euros or something!

This Lonchamp le Pliage in size small I bought at Lafayette in Paris, its soooo gorgeous. And I couldnt pick a bag/colour. My next will be a kind of powderpink

This are from Angie V, a store in Amsterdam. They're real leather, look good with everything and are very comfortable!

Knitted vest from Zara, bought it in Paris when it was on sale!

Another knitted vest from Zara, also on sale and bought in Paris!

This light blue tunic/dress was a gift from my boyfriend! I LOVE IT!

Got this beautycase from my mom, for whenever I have to go somewhere I can put my bathroom stuff in there! THANKS MUM!

And last but not least, I found this cute dress at NafNaf on sale. It was only 15euros and I couldnt leave it there. It is knitted and so cute!

Topshop equals love

So i was looking for the zara version of the Alexander Wang studded bag

worn by mary kate in this picture.

unfortunately the zara bag wasn't as pretty as I thought it was.
after waking up this morning I was looking at and saw the topshop version and eventhough I'm broke to the bone I ordered it. It will be the last thing I buy until October (yesyes).

but isn't it gorgeous? real leather also!

Lost in Austen

On Dutch tv there is a short mini serie every monday for 4 weeks long.
It's called Lost in Austen. It's about a woman who is addicted to the book pride and prejudice and then somehow opens a door in her bathroom and steps into the world of pride and prejudice. Where she screws up completely how the book is supposed to go.

I have to say it is good, funny and different.
It's on NCRV monday night at 9PM.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I've been looking for this

Okay guys and girls
i have been looking for this shirt! can anyone give me a heads up where to find this gorgeous shirt? The girl on the picture crying is one of my faves. I have a painting of this! So could anyone PLEASE tell me, or give me a tip or something!

stupid laptop

So about a year ago I spent my savings on my love

last week my laptop started to get really really hot!!! CRAZY! So today I phoned the sony helpdesk, lucky for me its still paid for since its covered for two years.
I will have to let my baby go this thursday but will have her back 10 days later..

Thank god I have such a sweet boyfriend, I can borrow his macbook!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


In 2004 I decided to go abroad for 12 months. That's when I went to a high school in Alabama. At first I did not want to go to Alabama (hello.. where the fuck is alabama to begin with were my exact thoughts)
But right after my arrival I was so glad. The scenery is amazing and the people were so nice!

After I left I immediatly went back and after that 2 more times.
This October I'm going again, to meet up with friends and loved ones, to check out nature, to go to museums and to go shopping!

here's some photos from the surrounding area where I lived

Urban oufitters home

Okay so even though my new header is not there yet I wanted to post something about Urban Outfitters home. Especially the U.S. site has such amazing home stuff.
Here's some of my faves!

this couch would be amazing in my livingroom

Doesn't this look gorgeously simple and pretty at the end of the bed, it also is a storage box

This is just perfect for jewelry! Except that I have a lot and could probably use 20 of these..

Perfect for all my magazines!!!

You should definetely check out and then the appartment section! AWESOME!

Working on a new banner

Right now I'm working on a new lay-out for the blog. I have always been into photoshop but haven't worked with it in years.
Right now I'm looking for photoshop elements to do something about the awfully boring lay-out.
Be back soon with more interesting stuff than before!
love and agression

Friday, August 14, 2009


okay everyone i have been busy but i'm definitely working on a comeback!
sooo dont leave me yet! but be back soon please!