Thursday, August 27, 2009


So since I have to move again I have been spending time online looking at interior. there are sooooooo many nice photos online. I think the main colours of my new three room appartment will be white, some kind of taupe maybe a light grey. just keep it fresh and clean. But I also love bold colours so I might have to accesorize with bold colours!
Here's some of my faves!

The thing I love about this room is the bold colours, I wonder where they got all these amazing pillows?

My parents have always listened to Depeche Mode. Ive grown up with their music. Somehow their most famous song is my fave. I would love to have lyrics like these on my wall

This amazing little desk is simply gorgeous

I love flowers, I try to buy a bouquet of flowers every week. It just makes the room more alive

this kitchen, I mean whats not to love?

And one thing I love to have in my house, even though they are only for sale for a short period of time per year.
Peony flowers!

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