Friday, August 28, 2009


As of Monday Im starting my diet again. In february I started the first personal diet of Dr. Cohen. They take your blood and based on your blood you get your own personal diet.
At that time I weighed about 84 kilograms which is about 185 lbs. which is way too much for such a short girl like me. Ofcourse there were reason, I have never been the skinny kind of girl and I have always liked myself that way. After my parents got divorced last year I started eating like a crazy person!! Not normal anymore!!
So after a year I decided I needed to do something about that, I mean Im studying to be a nurse and to take care after people, and I was completely neglecting my own health. So February I started the diet, three months later I lost 16 kilograms which is about 36 lbs. Which is a lot.
Then the summer came along and I started enjoying all kind of things. I gained some weight again. But now Im starting back up again. I still need to loose 11kgs which is 24lbs. I know I can do it, especially when I look at old photos of myself being way too much overweight.

I never show outfit photos cause I still think I'm too fat, but here we go!
Its not really a good photo. Imagine that I'm not wearing birkenstocks cause I only wore these indoors!

I'm wearing a plum coloured v-neck from victorias secret, a grey tank top which comes from H&M, leggins and skirt are also from H&M. Not shown in the picture are my gold coloured earrings with plum coloured pendants from forever21
P.S: picture is taken in some kind of messy work room from my dad...


  1. jeej :D heel goed dat je bent afgevallen en het weer oppakt. samen gaat het ons lukken :D

  2. Wat knap dat je zoveel bent afgevallen!
    Het gaat je lukken om die overige kilo's eraf te krijgen! Kom op!

  3. Meid, je bent haske goed bezig geweest, en genieten van de zomer en al het lekkere eten wat erbij komt moet toch kunnen! Zolang je weet dat je kan bereiken wat je wil en je daar ook weer voor inzet! Je bent al zo'n eind, ik weet zeker dat dit laatste deel je ook gaat lukken! Good luck en wees trots op jezelf!

  4. Man, als je kan wat jij al gedaan hebt, 16 fucking kilo's, dan heb je al de gouden medaille! ;)

    Oh lijkt me leuk! Heb je wel eens eerder gemeet?

  5. Wow 16 kilo, wat knap zeg heel veel succes!
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