Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Packages, who doesn't love them?

So this afternoon I was pissed, the guy from TNT postal services walked by with packages. All except mine. I figured I had to wait one more day for my topshop leather studded bag and my laptop!

Luckily my bag was brought later by some other service which also brought a vintage levi's skirt. Just 10 minutes later someone dropped off my laptop. I'm HAPPY!
The fixed the cooling system in my laptop so no more 100degrees laptop resting in my lap. And the bag is just pure love.

It's a bit smaller than I expected but it still fits lots and lots of stuff.

you can click on the pictures to see a bigger sized photo!

sorry the pictures are so crappy but I only have the camera on my blackberry since my boyfriend has taken over my good camera!


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