Saturday, October 24, 2009

Going back home

Right now im at the huntsville, alabama airport.
Ive been in alabama for 10 days, i try to go there two times a year. five years ago i was an exchange student here and it kinda got stuck on me.

Besides seeing old friends and family ive got to do some shopping and bought some gorgeous stuff.
I will post pictures (self made) once i get home.
For now, here's a quick sneek peek at what I got.

(and oh yes.. this is the same bag as one of the olsens has from Givenchy)


  1. Givenchy tas is leuk! Echt leuk dat je er nu ben. I'm a little bit jealous

  2. Wauw geweldige aankopen!! Ik ben benieud naar je eigen foto's. Heb je je Balenciage trouwens al binnen?

  3. Wat leuk dat je het zo naar je zin hebt gehad!
    Kan ook haast niet anders haha;)

    Je nightgal vind ik fantastisch :D


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